Celeum SkyMap

The Celeum SkyMap is the perfect solution for business with up to 100 users or PCs. It’s 100% compatible with Microsoft’s Active Directory, and includes all the features you’d expect, like centralized login, user and group management, file and printer sharing, roaming profiles, DHCP, and DNS.

To provide maximum uptime, the Celeum SkyMap is designed with redundancy in mind. You can easily sync two SkyMaps for the ultimate in availability, and the entire running and configured system can be backed up in less than an hour. There are no moving parts in a Celeum SkyMap, meaning fewer points of failure than in a traditional domain controller. And even if disaster strikes, a functioning backup or live image can be deployed on a new Celeum SkyMap in less time than it takes to boot a Windows Server box.

The software is all open source and based on Linux – technology that’s trusted by everyone from Google to the New York Stock Exchange, and includes both an easy to use web interface and secure shell. Both can quickly be disabled for internet facing machines or in other situations where local access is preferred for security reasons.

All this hardware and software for less than the cost of a Windows Server license, and you’ll never have to worry about upgrade fees or per user licensing again.

Technical Specifications

  • Quad Core 1.7ghz CPU
  • Quad Core GPU – HDMI output in full 1080p
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB eMMC system disk
  • Built in Ethernet
  • 2 Full size USB ports
  • MicroSD for storage expansion up to 64GB
  • Ubuntu Server OS with Zentyal Domain Services

The base for our systems is an Odroid-U2 with a Samsung Exynos 4412 CPU and Mali400 GPU