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Simple, Safe, Storage.


The Celeum StormCloud is your personal file sharing cloud, giving you the freedom of access you love in cloud sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive, with the privacy of your own server. You’ll never have to worry about bringing your files with you, as you’ll always have access on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, your iPhone or Android smartphone, or anywhere else you have internet access. The best part is: your files always stay in your care – they’re never stored on another company’s server, so you remain in control. Users can be added locally or authenticated with LDAP for seamless integration with Active Directory.

The web interface and secure shell are easy to use for remotely managing your Cloud Server, extra storage is easy to add, and there are many additional plugins available like shared calendars, instant messaging, and even audio and video players for important presentations. Not only that, but you can even sync all your data with BitTorrent Sync, turning your StormCloud into an always running, instant backup server!



The Celeum StormCloud has fewer moving parts than traditional servers, meaning fewer points of failure and less downtime, and StormCloud backs itself up while it’s running, so even in the event of a failure, it’s less “catastrophic”, and more “meh”.



With StormCloud, all your important data remains in house, and is never stored on a third party server. And, when you use StormCloud to sync and share your files over the internet, everything is encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about prying eyes.


StormCloud grows with you, and will easily handle additional users and storage. You can easily add users by syncing StormCloud with your Active Directory or LDAP Domain Controller,  and add External Hard Drives, Network Attached Storage – even existing storage you may have on other cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive, making your transition from external cloud services to StormCloud as smooth as silk.


StormCloud Professional


For businesses looking for a complete, managed service agreement, we offer StormCloud Professional. For 25% less than the cost of a DropBox Business account, we’ll install, setup, and manage your StormCloud Services, all while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data remains in house – we never store anything on outside servers, even our own.


Here’s How It Works:


From just $49/month, we’ll install your StormCloud server on-site and perform the initial setup. This includes encrypting any data that your StormCloud will contain, and making sure your StormCloud works both internally, and over the internet (unless you don’t want it to). After that, we’ll keep your StormCloud running exactly as expected for the duration of your contract. We’ll provide phone, email, and remote support, next day hardware replacement, and routinely scheduled preventative maintenance. And as new StormCloud hardware and software becomes available, we’ll make sure you’re always running the newest and best StormCloud there is.


Here are the details:


  • $49/month for 1TB storage and up to 5 users
  • $10/month for each additional user (optional)
  • $10/month for each additional TB of storage (optional)
  • $20/TB/month for off-site backup (optional)
  • 6 month minimum contract


All StormCloud Professional plans include the following:


  • StormCloud Server lease
  • Dual redundant hard drives
  • On-site installation, setup, and orientation
  • Phone, email, and remote support during business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM excluding holidays)
  • Next day hardware replacement and on-site service
  • Scheduled monthly preventative maintenance
  • Yearly hardware upgrade to latest available StormCloud Server
  • Private encryption keys for all user data
  • Automated daily and weekly backups


To sign up for StormCloud Professional, call 306-371-4454, or email us using the following form:

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StormCloud Server


Of course, you can always buy a StormCloud Server and manage it yourself. We offer several configurations both with storage and without. You can use any USB External Hard Drive with StormCloud, though when you purchase a StormCloud Server with bundled storage, it comes properly formatted, encrypted, and ready to run – we do all the heavy lifting for you!


StormCloud Server Pricing:


  • Barebones kit (no hard drive) – $189
  • 1TB StormCloud Server – $249
  • 2TB StormCloud Server – $299
  • 3TB StormCloud Server – $349
  • 1 year extended warranty – $49 (optional)


All StormCloud Servers feature the following:


  • Instantly sync folders, including your entire user directory, with BitTorrent Sync
  • Access your files from anywhere with ownCloud, including BitTorrent Sync folders
  • Easily add new users with our web admin panel, or authenticate with Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Fully encrypted network communication, with SSL
  • Complete USB Hard Drive encryption
  • 90 day hardware warranty


StormCloud Server 2013 Technical Specifications


  • Quad Core 1.7ghz CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2 Full size USB ports
  • MicroSD for storage expansion up to 64GB
  • Debian 7 with ownCloud, Bittorrent Sync, and Webmin
  • Fully encrypted user data and system files
  • Automated backup and cloning


The base for our systems is an Odroid-U2 with a Samsung Exynos 4412 CPU and Mali400 GPU

Purchase a StormCloud Server

StormCloud ships worldwide – $30 standard shipping (10-15 business days)

  • Total Cost: ${{total}}


To order your StormCloud Server, call 306-371-4454, or email us using the following form:

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is StormCloud like a Time Capsule, or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device?


Other devices feature automatic backups and local file sharing. StormCloud provides instant backup and cloud Storage. In addition, StormCloud is more secure by default than Windows Server, and most Linux or BSD storage servers, by using filesystem encryption with a physical key.


Then, is StormCloud a cloud storage service like DropBox or SkyDrive?


StormCloud let’s you view, download, edit, and share your files with any device, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and workstations.  In many ways, though, StormCloud is unlike any free or subscription based cloud storage service. What are the differences, you ask?


  1. You can easily set StormCloud up an instant backup for all your data. Never worry about forgetting an important file.
  2. StormCloud features seamless Active Directory integration, so you can control users, storage, and devices with the tools you already have.
  3. And since StormCloud is based on open source software, you can modify it however you see fit.


Where can I get help and Support?


StormCloud Professional features installation, as well as full phone, email and remote support with plans starting at $49/month. And, as always, Celeum offers a 90 day warranty on all hardware including StormCloud Server, and a one year extended warranty is only $49.


Can’t I just make my own device to do the same thing?


StormCloud Server is the only device that combines a turn-key ownCloud server with total, instant backup and filesystem encryption by default. And since StormCloud Server starts at only $189, and Celeum can provide support, the combined cost of harware and software is much less in most cases than the cost of creating a custom system in house. It’s open source, so you can modify StormCloud however you like. We’ll even help you rebrand it.