Dream Studio for Ubuntu 19

Today marks the first official release of Dream Studio for Ubuntu. This GUI installer will automatically install all the software sources you need for a full Dream Studio install, and allows you to select which packages you’d like to add during installation. This makes it easy to install just the DJ packages, for instance, so you don’t have to remove a bunch of stuff you won’t actually use after installation. The installer has been tested on distributions that use Ubuntu 12.04 as a base, including Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu, and should also work on Linux Mint (this installer won’t install unity)

The installer will:

1. Add all the PPAs that Dream Studio comes with, then installs the base system (jack defaults, adds users to extra groups),

2. Give you a checklist for all the metapackages (audio recording, video editing, 3d graphic design, etc.).

3. Ask you what your default desktop is (unity, lxde, kde, or xfce) and installs desktop extras if you select any of the above.

4. Ask you if you’d like to install the default user settings for your user, and does so if you say yes.

Work has already begun porting this to an Ubuntu 12.10 base, so if you need to use Ubuntu 12.10, subscribe to Dream Studio on your favorite social network (use the links along the bottom of this site) to find out as soon as I can confirm that the installer works without fail on this non-LTS release.

click here to download

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19 thoughts on “Dream Studio for Ubuntu

  • Kuti Botond


    This is awsome, but is this also built in to the Dream Studio iso’s installer ? Or will it be in the future ? Because it would be nice to be able to select what software we want defaultly installed and configured. For instance I use it mainly for audio production purposes beside everyday tasks.

    • dickmacinnis

      I’ve been working on including this in the standard installation, but it’s not quite ready yet. It will definitely be here in time for the 14.04 release.

  • Mark Collins

    This is the third time I’ve tried to get a stable installation of Dream Studio. I’ve tried to install from a live USB installation, but the computer freezes at the line that was loading the “Timidity midi (something) ” The only why I’ve gotten to this point was buy installing Ubuntu Studio first, and then using the Dream Studio installer. Now, I’ve been locked out of the Ubuntu Software Center, or installing any
    debian packages by the following:

    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/dreamstudio-audio-control_1.0ubuntu4_all.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/usr/bin/dreamstudio-stop-pulseaudio’, which is also in package dreamstudio-default-settings 3.0ubuntu33

    I’ve tried killing any hung installs, but no installs are reported. Is there any fix to this. I really like the idea of this distribution, and I don’t want to re-install another. Thank you.

    • dickmacinnis

      This error is happening due to the fact that we’re migrating the audio controls out of dreamstudio-default-settings and into dreamstudio-audio-control. If you open the update manager and run it, the first update won’t work completely (it will update dreamstudio-default-settings, but won’t update dreamstudio-audio-control), and the next update will complete the process. I’ll see what I can do about making this transition smoother.

  • CRS

    I have a question…Maybe related to above post. I’ve done a fresh install of DreamStudio 3 times to make sure. After a fresh install my fast track pro is detected in the sound settings menu. This makes it easy to choose default inputs and outputs. Then when I open qjackctl. I don’t have to really do any edits, because the default inputs and outputs(in this case fasttrack pro) have already been set by the sound settings menu. Audacity works fine as well as Ardour and Jackbeat. All 3 are functional through qjackctl. Then after I do any update. Something happens. 1st I notice that my interface(fasttrack) is no longer detected in the sound settings. This seems to confuse qjackctl. The default settings no longer work. I have to dabble with qjackctl setttings which I did not have to before. I can now only get jackbeat to work. Audacity and ardour cannot detect any input from my interface. Output is o.k.

    • dickmacinnis

      When the new dreamstudio-audio-control updates, jack settings are copied from default. This is because of major changes in the way pulse audio integrates with jack as well as the way the new audio indicator integrates with the rest of the system. That being said, I’m not sure why it would change from a fresh install to the first update, as they should be identical. I recommend posting to the DreamStudio forum to see if anyone using a fast track is having similar issues. Meanwhile I’ll see if I can reproduce this on one of my machines (I don’t own a fast track to test on, but I have lots of other hardware, so we should be able to figure it out).

      • CRS

        I’m doing a fresh install right now. This time i’m including updates during install which I had not done before. Im waiting for it to finish now. We’ll see. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried.

        • CRS

          Ok just finished and fastrack is detected and all seems fine. Although, it is telling me there are 623 updates available. I was under the impression that all current updates would be installed during install. Apparently not. For now ill wait to update as im in the middle of something. I may do the forum thing but people always think im talking smack. Either people don’t get me or I am a jerk. Im surprised im even posting here. Anyway, when I get my stuff together Ill find dome way to support you. I like dreamstudio.

          • CRS

            Ok now getting some crashes and doing an update gives me some updates not available due to errors. Crash report sent

    • dickmacinnis

      Not yet. It’s only officially supported on 12.04 (precise), though it will work on quantal. The main reason that we added unofficial Quantal support was for users with Ivy bridge systems (as they had issues with the kernel in precise). There will be Raring support eventually (before October), probably in the next month.

  • Debowski

    I have recently moved into Dream Studio from Ubuntu Studio 12.10 and I now get this constant upgrade notice to 12.10 but I don’t see Dream Studio 12.10 out yet, so this gets me a bit confused.
    Any suggestions for me please?