DreamStudio Unity 12.04.2 Official Release 17

DreamStudio defaut desktop

We’re proud to announce the official release of DreamStudio Unity 12.04.2. DreamStudio gets better with every release and this is no exception. Here are just some of the newest features:

1. AUDIO INDICATOR – the second version of DreamStudio’s exclusive audio indicator features quick access to ALSA controls, JACK utilities, and software synths. Also, when starting JACK, settings are read from .jackdrc – this means that when you change settings in QJackctl (like your preferred sound card or sample rate), your configuration is respected by the audio indicator, so once you get a working setup, just start and stop JACK from the indicator for super easy use.

2. NEW NAME – DreamStudio OS is now DreamStudio Unity. Some of you may see right away what we’re up to with this name change, otherwise stay tuned!

3. HARDWARE SUPPORT – For those of you with Ivy Bridge processors, we now feature a dedicated install image with the 3.5 Linux kernel.

4. UPDATES – Many of DreamStudio’s major software packages, such as Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape have been updated to the latest stable versions, and hundreds of security updates to the base system are included.

Head over to DreamStudio’s downloads section to get the latest and greatest today!

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