DreamStudio, Welcome Home!

As part of our effort to streamline our web presence, we’ve completed integrating all the content that used to reside on DreamStudio‘s old website (at dreamstudio.dickmacinnis.com). The first stage was moving the old site to a home on our Celeum server, and today saw the completion of the move, as all content from the old DreamStudio site was smoothly migrated here.

The biggest part of this move was the addition of our new Celeum Forums, which from now on will be the primary community forums for not only DreamStudio, but all of our other products and services like CeleumTV and StormCloud.

Users of the old DreamStudio site will notice that they’ll need to register now with our new Celeum site, as we cleared out all old registrations during the move. The main reason was the large number of forum registrations that had signed up simply to spam the old forums. While the Drupal system that had been in place was quite good at identifying spam posts and deleting them immediately, the same couldn’t be said for the registration process. Often a bot would be able to register, and subsequently unable to post their spam. In all we deleted almost 4000 registrations, an overwhelming majority having been spam bots.

If you’re being redirected to Celeum.com for the first time after having clicked on a search engine link that pointed to the old site, don’t worry, you’re in the right place!