All Celeum hardware comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (excluding shipping), and 90 days free email support. This includes CeleumTV, StormCloud, and SkyMap.

We also offer additional support packages on all our products, including DreamStudio. Some of these options include:

Celeum Subscription – our subscription service is $9.99 per month and includes advance access to new Celeum software and services, as well as personal e-mail support.

Live support – We’ll work on your support issues in real time over the internet (via remote desktop and video chat), and set up your system while you watch. You can even ask for a detailed walkthrough of what we’re doing, and request a recording of the session that you can review whenever you want. 1 hour of live support comes with 3 months of free subsciption support.  $30/hour

Live Instruction – We can show you how to use DreamStudio to create your own content, and offer lessons in audio and video production as well as graphic design. For as little as 1 hour long lesson, you’ll also get 3 months of free subscription support. $30/hour.

Call 306-371-4454, or contact us using the following form (we’ll get an email and respond right away):

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Free support is always available from other users in the Celeum Forums, and through our Celeum User Guides.